Like the fear of public speaking, we may be afraid to show up daily to meet life’s challenges, especially in these uncertain times. We tend to focus on the problems much more than the solutions. Within ourselves is tremendous potential. What‘s the proof? Remember all that you went through to get to where you are now. You overcame:

1. Set backs
2. Breakdowns
3. Accidents
4. Failures
5. Sickness
6. Defeat

But somehow you overcame and the results:

1. Set up for a comeback
2. Getting back up to try again
3. Recovery
4. Victory
5. Health
6. Becoming better than ever

This potential in you requires faith. Faith gives you strength. Strength gives you power. Power ignites your imagination. Your imagination is the place you use to come up with ideas to solve life’s challenges. If you focus on the problem, the problem will grow. But if you focus on the solution, the solution will grow.

With Love and Success!