Being Frederick Douglass

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Frederick Douglass is the most heralded writer and abolitionist of 19th century America. He was born a slave and rose to the heights of American culture by fighting for the freedom and equality of his African American brothers and sisters. Acclaimed actor Darius Wallace portrays Douglass in scenes from throughout his storied life. In addition, Wallace explains the context and significance in a series of motivational segments. Filmed at the Frederick Douglass National Site in Washington, D.C. (HD, 96 min.)

From the Descendants

"Darius is an amazing performer and his portrayal of my Great-Great Grandfather was spectacular.!!"

- Kevin Douglass Green, The Great-Great Grandson of Frederick Douglass

"Darius is an amazing and powerful actor.His shifting from character to character was unforgetable. He plays Frederick Douglas brilliantly."

- Tarance Bailey, The Great-Great-Great Nephew of Frederick Douglass