Intra-Personal Communication/ Connection to Yourself
I teach movement which has its roots in Tai Chi, Qigong and Kriya Yoga. With this movement practice, speakers learn techniques to take care of themselves mentally, physically, emotionally and, spiritually.

Speakers will learn several different storytelling styles as well as how to use a slide deck effectively when delivering a presentation by tapping into the Hollywood movie storytelling formula.

Speakers learn the art of persuasion and how to effectively use argument to win an audience over to their ideas.

Speakers learn theatre techniques to help them connect to their authentic self to help make memorable impressions on the audience.

Inter-Personal Communication skills
Speakers learn effective communication skills to connect with the audience by using eye contact, humor, audience interaction, and specific gestures that appeal to the audience’s passion and intelligence.

How to overcome the fear of public speaking.
Speakers will learn practical and effective ways to recognize and overcome the fear of public speaking by using a three step method.

How to prepare and execute your talk in harmony with your personality.

Darius has spoken for New York University, Rhodes College, The Real Premiere Business Network, Rockdale County Leadership Academy, and has given two Tedx talks.

As a Speaking Coach, he has worked with companies such as Autozone, Central Delivery, My Simple RX, Commercial Advisors, Nucor Steele, Sycamore Pictures and TED X Memphis.

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Story Spire Studios

Online Communication Course

Online Communication Course

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Do you want to become a better public speaker? Darius Wallace's Communication Course teaches you the skills to advance your public speaking and build your confidence. Let Darius help you take your oratory skills to the next level.

This course is great for individuals who want to overcome their fear of public speaking so that they can thrive to excel in growing themselves and growing their business.


  • 5 Video Modules 
  • Worksheets, video examples, and relevant links to enhance your learning experience 
  • Online learning so you can take it at your own pace
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  • Dr Michael Ugwueke | President/CEO Methodist Le Bonheur Heal

    "Darius is a very accomplished speech coach that brings out the best in you. His ability to redirect and focus you on simple methods that he developed from being a stage actor is uncanny."

  • Allyson Bennet | Brand Partnership Manager

    "Darius is fantastic and amazing. I was able to use his technique a day after my first session and found it very effective."

  • La Tosha Nash | Attorney

    "I had to prepare to make an presentation to get a bill passed that I am very passionate about. Working with Darius gave me the confidence and tools to create great argumentative and persuasive skills through storytelling."